People who love the sea usually pride themselves on being good stewards of the environment, and luxury yacht owners are no exception. In fact, when it comes to protecting the environment, yacht owners like to lead by example, finding the right balance of enjoying all yachting has to offer, while still minimizing their yacht’s impact on the environment.

Yacht owners have the unique privilege of exploring some of the most amazing places on the planet, such as our fragile coral reefs. One superyacht owner is taking it one step further. Rather than merely using his wealth and resources to cruise to the Great Barrier Reef, tourism tycoon Chris Morris is helping fund a scientific expedition into the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef to search for corals that can survive bleaching.

According to several Australian news sources, the multi-millionaire, who owns and operates The Ville Resort-Casino, is lending Great Barrier Reef Legacy his superyacht, Flying Fish, for a mid-November expedition to the northern part of the Reef and Torres Strait to survey the extent of bleaching.

The researchers aboard the chartered megayacht will then search for “super-corals” that have tolerated warmer water temperatures during the past two mass bleaching events. Joining the expedition will be former AIMS chief scientist Dr Charlie Veron, regarded as the “grandfather” of coral reef science in Australia, having discovered 20 per cent of the world’s corals.

The goal of the expedition is to figure out how these heat-tolerant corals survive the bleaching events, and how that knowledge can be leveraged to protecting their less hardy brethren.

What Can You Do to Make Your Yacht More Environmentally Friendly?

In addition to trying to protect our precious reefs and marine habitats, it is incumbent upon every yacht owner, or yacht charter guest to be responsible users of the sea.

There are many things you can do to lessen your motor yacht’s carbon foot print and environmental impact. In addition to supporting research and introducing greener technologies, the yachting industry and in particular the yacht charter business, is encouraging deeper respect for the fragility of the natural world. This has led to changes in attitudes and behaviors by yacht owners and passengers alike, impacting everything from the ways they enter vulnerable areas to how they handle waste disposal on board.

Whether on a private charter, or your own vessel, there are many things you can do to lessen your yacht’s environmental impact. Try to use organic or “all-natural” products whenever possible, particularly anything you use to clean or detail the outside of your boat, as any of these cleaning product will run off into the water.

Keep rubbish on board in appropriate containers, and be sure to dispose of it properly when in port. Just like at home, try not to waste water while showering, doing the dishes or using the head.

Of course, keeping your engines, and other critical systems well maintained, will increase fuel efficiency, and lessen environmental impact.

As yacht owners we are blessed to be able to enjoy the sea the world over. It is incumbent on ourselves to be proper stewards of the “blue” by being more “green!”


 A key to lessening your vessels environmental impact, is keeping her well maintained. On Demand yachting from FYM can help. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Yacht Management specialists, or call us at (855) 318-6328.

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