Hydrofoils that can cut through the water with more speed and maneuverability than conventionally hulled and propelled boats have been attractive to the shipping and boating industry for quite some time now.

In a hydrofoil boat, the hydrofoil on the base of the boat allows the boat to move easily through the waters and ensures that the hull of the vessel never comes into any contact with the water. Hydrofoils are used quite regularly for shipping and passenger ferry applications. In the recreational boating sector, hydrofoils have been very popular in fishing boats and smaller speedboats, however their use in larger yachts and particularly superyachts, has been somewhat limited, until now.

The Superyacht Times has recently reported that Moscow design studio Skripnik Design has revealed their “Russian Rocket,” a hydrofoil concept superyacht. According to Skripnik, the 120 foot superyacht, that is actually named Rocket, “will reach between 50 and 60 knots. Foiling at those speeds, significantly reduces drag, to a mere 5.5 feet, that along with foils lifting the hull above the surface, will make for a smoother ride.”

More Details About This Hydrofoil Concept Yacht

In addition to increased speed and maneuverability on the water, Rocket will have all of the amenities one would come to expect on a modern luxury motor yacht. The flybridge is covered with a glass panel that can be raised when the deck is in use, or lowered to create a smooth and flush surface when at high speeds. Additionally, the swim platform neatly disappears when underway and gently slides out to reveal a big bathing area when at anchor.

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[All Images Courtesy Skripnik Design]

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