Arcadia is a 103 foot yacht that was originally built by Feadship in 1968. Like other “classics” from that era, such as The Beatles, Woodstock, and Star Trek, she has withstood the tests of time. However, that doesn’t mean the old girl isn’t due for a bit of a makeover.

Arcadia is in the final stages of a four year refit project. The $12 million plus refit will take this already high-end boat (after all she is a Feadship!) well beyond her original specs. In fact, the project is so unique and the makeover so extensive, that we, along with our sister company, 26 North Yachts, (who will be handling the sale of the yacht), are creating a film documenting it! During one of the interviews for the film, Mike Carlson, the Co-founder of 26 North Yachts, said, “They took this boat down to bare metal. She has a brand new interior, a brand new engine room, basically everything on this boat is brand new. The refit is about 85% completed, and they have about $12-14 million into the boat as she sits.”

Only about one person in a billion would take on this magnitude of a refit. The owner could have easily purchased a new or later model boat for the amount that has gone into this refit, and that is part of what makes this project worthy of a documentary film.

Beyond that, there’s something of a Feadship “dream team” working on this project, starting with Captain Sandy and Wally Nisbett (the engineer). These two fellows have extensive experience with Feadship yachts, and are well-known in the industry. Captain Sandy was the captain of a very famous Feadship for almost 30 years, so he knows this type of boat literally from stem to stern.

Keep watching these pages, and follow us on Facebook, for the release of the film, which we anticipate to be around January 2nd.

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