Well-known Italian yacht maker, Amer Yacts, has announced that its Amer 94 series of luxury motor yachts will now be available with an upgraded more efficient twin 1,000hp Volvo Penta D13-IPS 1350 engine option.

The Volvo Pod Drive units were showcased at the recent Cannes Yachting Festival. The high efficiency and performance of pod drive propulsion was a perfect fit for the Amer 94 motor yacht, which is known for its speed and fuel economy. Pod drives, such as the Volvo Penta D13-IPS, are the latest and most expensive type of propulsion units available for luxury yachts. Pods are devices which combine both propulsive and steering functions in one device. They are usually located below the stern of a yacht. Pods are mounted right through the bottom of the boat, consisting of the transmission, outdrive, propellers, bilge pump, and appropriate monitoring and control equipment.

Pods are complex marvels of engineering that provide a great degree of handling and performance, with counter rotating propellers that direct the thrust, and large gear housings that act as rudders, all married to a joystick system that allows the Captain to operate each pod independently. Maneuvers such as docking a large vessel, are made much easier with pod drives.

Maneuverability, Performance and Beyond

Pod drives also increase engine efficiency and fuel economy. Speaking to Boat International, Barbara Amerio, owner of Amer Yachts, commented, “The new Amer 94 is born from a continuous desire to challenge ourselves. We want to break the 3.5 liter-per-mile threshold of fuel consumption that we have set in the past, at a slow cruising speed. We want to build a boat that offers a great deal of choice in allowing customers to navigate for longer periods at low revs.” They have done so with the installation of the Volvo IPS 1350s. According to the builder, the estimated consumption figures for the Amer 94 equipped with twin IPS 1350s are: 15 litres per mile at its maximum speed of 27 knots and 14 litres per mile at a cruising speed of 23 knots.

Another advantage of pod drives, which may have attracted a sophisticated yard such Amer, is they allow builders and designers to increase a luxury motor yacht’s useable space. Since there are no long drive shafts necessary, the engines can be mounted farther aft, which usually opens up a ton of space inside the hull for an extra mid-cabin berth, a large stowage area, or in some cases an entire stateroom!

In addition to the Volvo-Penta IPS, some of the other most popular pod drives include the MerCruiser Cummins Zeus, and the ZF Marine 4000.  

The Future of Marine Propulsion Technologies

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Courtesy Amer Yachts – http://www.ameryachts.it/en/amer-94/


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Main Image: Courtesy Amer Yachts – http://www.ameryachts.it/en/amer-94/

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