When you think of some of the world’s most luxurious yacht charter destinations, what comes to mind? The Caribbean, of course, maybe St. Tropez, or Italy’s Amalfi Coast. I am sure for most people “Sri Lanka,” isn’t among their “Top Ten,” however, that could all change, particularly if the island nation off the coast of India, just northeast of the Maldives, has anything to say about it!

According to Sri Lanka’s Export Development Board (EDB) “while our nation is surrounded by the Indian Ocean with an abundance of marine treasures, including scenic views, and a high diversity of ocean mammals, and other exotic flora and fauna, recreational boating never really caught on with the locals, and Sri Lanka was never considered a worthy stop for yachts due to lack of a high-end marina, and/or other marine infrastructure to support visiting yachts…”

However, the EDB points out that other destinations in Southeast Asia that have become popular yachting destinations such as, Malaysia operate marinas that can accommodate 1400 yachts, Thailand has berths for 1300 yachts, and Singapore 750. And yet, they do not have near the miles of coastline of Sri Lanka. In fact Singapore, one of the world’s most popular yachting destinations in the area, has a coast that is only one-fifth the size of Sri Lanka’s.

The EDB is well aware of what building a world-class yachting center would mean for the nation. There have been several proposals put forward by the EDB in recent years, but to date, none have gained enough traction to come to fruition.

Still, according to local sources, an anticipated boom in Sri Lanka’s maritime and tourist economy, driven by the EDB’s search for the right private industrialists to partner with, has led to the start-up of several yacht repair and refit businesses and other yacht management services. Such investment has already begun, with the help of some well-known names in the yachting industry, such as Neil Marine, Accolade Ventures and German investor Dietmar Doering of the Asia-German Sports Exchange program.

World Class Marina’s Here at Home

If you aren’t planning a vacation voyage to Southeast Asia anytime soon, and you need five-star marina accommodations right here at home, you need look no further than Florida Yacht Management.  FYM is proud to announce the availability of new dock spaces both in our world-class Marina Bay location, as well as 180 feet of dockage available at our newest location at the exclusive Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale.


Dockage Available at Marina Bay

In the first option, at our Marina Bay location, we have up to 160′ of deep-water dockage available. Prices start at $35 a foot; prices will vary, based on the size of the vessel. Features and amenities include:

  • 100 Amp shore power
  • Water
  • 55′ Bridge clearance
  • “Yacht sitting” available upon request
  • Gated marina with country club amenities
  • Insurance approved Hurricane Hole for select providers
  • Only minutes from the airport
  • Excellent sales location with great visibility
  • Pool
  • Clubhouse with offices
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tennis courts
  • Racquetball courts
  • Fitness center
  • Parking available


Dockage Available at Harbor Beach Dock

For yacht owners interested in the exclusive Harbor Beach Dock location, we have up to 180’ of dockage available in this luxury marina, where there are no “liveaboards” allowed. Other advantages and amenities include:

  • Deepwater access
  • No fixed bridges
  • 100 Amp shore power
  • Water
  • “Yacht Sitting” available upon request
  • Gated neighborhood
  • Parking available


If you are interested in either of these locations, contact us now, space will be filling up fast, especially as “The Season” is beginning!


Yacht Management and Dock Space

Even with our newly available spaces, finding dockage for a luxury motor yacht in South Florida remains challenging.

Did you know that one of the many advantages of signing your yacht up with our On Demand Yachting solution is gaining access to Marina Bay?

Marina Bay is located in the epicenter of Ft. Lauderdale’s yachting capital. It not only is home to some of the finest, secured slips in the area, but, it is home to the Marina Mile Yachting Center, a full-service shipyard that is staffed by some of the best marine professionals and contractors in the South Florida yachting industry.

When your yacht is docked at Marina Bay, you not only have the sense of security and pride that comes with premium dock space, you will have access to the high-caliber service network of The Yacht Center for more complicated refits, maintenance and marine supplies.


Finding dockage for a luxury motor yacht in South Florida can be challenging. On Demand yachting from FYM can help. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Yacht Management specialists, or call us at (855) 318-6328.

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