Well-known Italian superyacht builder creates an equally super hybrid yacht tender!

Italian shipyard, Perini Navi has announced that it is working on a hybrid yacht tender project. At nearly 85 feet, the all-aluminum “tender” could be considered a hybrid motor yacht in her own right. However, according to the builder, she was commissioned as a secondary vessel for a returning client who owns a 165 foot sailing superyacht, also built by Perini Navi.

Speaking to BOAT International, Luca Boldrini, sales director of motor yachts at Perini Navi, explains, “The project grew out of discussions for a bigger sailing boat. What they really wanted was more flexible cabin space to accommodate single guests or children. As they prefer to anchor offshore, they also wanted to explore closer inshore in something more substantial than a conventional RIB.”

Her fine lines, more akin to a sports yacht than a mere tender, come courtesy of Perni Navi’s in-house head of design, Franco Romani, who says he designed her with high bulwarks that not only give her a unique look, but which means that guests will be able to “step straight onto the mothership from the secondary boat.”

Besides her unique look and style, it was very important to the buyer that she be a hybrid. According to Boldrini, power will come from a diesel-electric drivetrain that comprises a pair of 1,627hp MAN engines twinned to Hamilton waterjets for a top speed of more than 30 knots. The owner can also opt for a zero-emission mode that uses a battery bank to power the waterjets — ideal for exploring marine parks or other environmentally sensitive areas. Boldrini describes this system as a “first”, adding that the impetus came from the nature-loving owner, who has a “huge respect for the environment.”

More pictures of the unique yacht tender can be seen in the current issue of Boat International Magazine.


How to Find a More Traditional Tender for Your Yacht

While every yacht needs some kind of tender, not every yacht will need something as large and extravagant at the Perini Navi Eco Super-tender. But, how do you choose the tender that is right for your needs?

The most common mistake that yacht owners make when shopping for a tender is to get one that is the wrong size for their primary boat. You would be surprised at how many yacht owners simply do not measure the exact dimensions of where the tender will be housed on the yacht. Dimensions can be deceiving. You need to take into account the tilt on the tender’s outboard for example, and also keep in mind, that while a 13 foot tender may fit in 14 feet of space, it may restrict access to boarding or maneuvering about the boat. When looking for a tender, it may be a good idea to take your engineer, or captain along, or trust the advice of your yacht manager, to ensure you get the right size.

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[Main Image Courtesy of Perini Navi – http://www.perininavi.it/news/]

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